Back shoulder Tattoo design in tattoo deep ink

 The Artistic Butterfly Tattoo Designs

This is a simple butterfly tattoo. A lot of people like to wear this butterfly tribal tattoo on their back. Girls find it extremely attractive. Here, we can see that the design has been very well detailed. Two peace loving musicians are also included in this tattoo which are drawn on the wings. The tattoo also sports a purity element as it has been done on a white back background. Anyone would love to sports this tattoo. The best thing about this simple butterfly tattoo is that it is suitable for both men and women. This particular inked motif will display your love for art.

Best For: If you love music and you love art, there can be no better way to combine your love than in this lovely display of butterfly tattoo
Preferable Ink: It is done in black ink with hints of blue and green
Where: Ideally on the back and shoulders
Size: Medium sized butterfly is the best
Skin Tone:Suitable for fair skinned people.

Back shoulder Tattoo design in Live art Studio

Eat before you go. (And tip at then end!)
“Definitely eat something before you go. I almost passed out AND threw up because I hadn’t eaten anything that day, with just this tiny tattoo. And always, always tip the artist!”