Tattoo Care Sunscreen

Which is the best sunscreen to apply on a tattoo to stop it from fading available in India?

Tattoo Care Sunscreen, Ointment For Tattoo Sun Protection, Uva Uvb Spf 30+ 50+ Sunblock, Highlights Tattoo Colors, Inked And Tanned, Face And Body, Convenient Beach Tube, 1,35 Oz

Tattoo care tattoo care sunscreen, ointment for tattoo sun protection, uva uvb spf 30+ 50+ sunblock, highlights tattoo colors, inked and tanned, face and body, convenient beach tube, 1,35 oz
Promotes skin regeneration & tattoos heals faster
Imported from usa
Package inludes 1 piece

Tattoo Care sunscreen               

Its safe guard the tattoo skin to give long lasting

After care is key.
“Keeping it clean after it's done can be a pain in the ass but it's so, so important. An infection can get very, very serious if left untreated. And, of course, keep it out of the sun—UV rays degrade and fade the ink