Tattoo design on skin


Take your time.
“Take your time. Think about things that are meaningful to you, words of wisdom, people that inspire you, or even a piece of art that speaks to you! But also, have fun with it! Don’t let anyone decide what a ‘good tattoo’ is. It’s a personal decision, and just like with your clothes or makeup, it’s a form of self-expression. And please, please do your research on the tattoo parlor you want to get yours done at. You do not want a bad parlor experience to ruin tattoos for you!” —Brooke L., 21

“Tattoos can be absolutely beautiful, but they can also hold so much regret. My advice would be to wait at least one year before getting a tattoo. If the idea is still in your head a year later, and you still like the tattoo, chances are you’ll like it 25 years from now. Just remember they’re permanent. Like, legit permanent. And I would also suggest not getting any names of significant others because I’m convinced they jinx relationships. But if you and your honey want to get one, I recommend getting a symbol. A small symbol. This way you can come up with a cover story if the relationship ever hits the toilet!”