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Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoo design

 Heart Tattoo design for girls

The most common design according to a recent survey is the classic thumping beat that keeps us alive and kicking. The heart has been rated one the most common form of tattoo art among many other. Be it a sign of bravery or a beloved gone awry, heart tattoos never really have a stagnant meaning to it.

Heart Tattoo is the most fab tattoo design among the male and females

Heart Tattoo design for girls:  Heart can be etched as a tattoo in various designs, styles, shapes and sizes. Whatever the meaning be, a heart tattoo never cease to please. The meaning however, changes according to the design, placement and plotting. A heart tattoo with feathers symbolizes the purity in spirit and integrity of soul. In Buddhism, heart symbolizes the Dharma-chakra and thus a heart tattoo in that context will symbolize perfection of earth and maintaining law and order in universe. A tattoo of heart with a hovering flame and wrapped in thorns, also called the sacred heart tattoo, symbolizes the potential of brotherly/sisterly love in Christian religion. The designs can be simple or intricate but they contain layers of meanings hidden within them.

A simple heart tattooed on the inner wrist of ankle is simple and small, but they contain a lot of meaning. Make it red and it symbolizes love, make them yellow and they mean friendship. Get a name in the middle to show your affection to someone special.

The surroundings and the subsidiary elements of the tattoo art itself implies for its meanings. This is why the classic heart tattoo can never go wrong. You might still be confused over who to follow, the heart or the mind? In that case we’d say always follow the heart and while you’re at it check out the various designs you can opt for.

             Heart Tattoo design

Most Popular Heart Tattoo Designs With Pictures:

Want to get a tattoo, try a heart tattoo. They have various design and deep meanings within them. Do you want to Know the best available designs and their meanings through this article. Below we have given list of beautiful heart tattoo designs with names and their images for you which makes your look more alluring.     READ MORE
             Heart Tattoo design 

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