Latest Polynesian Tattoos

My late Polynesian tattoo designs drew inspiration from the Igorot tribe in the Philippines.

Polynesian tattoos are a very impressive work of art for the body. Although a tattoo is often very important to the person wearing it, Polynesian tattoos are somewhat different.

The main process involved making small cuts using bird bones, turtle shells or bamboo. The ink was then injected into those areas of the skin. Often healing takes a long time and is considered a sign of courage, among many other things.

Today, we go to most tattoo parlors, and there is no doubt that the process is easier! The original Polynesian tattoo drawing sessions took a long time and were extremely painful, with today's tattoos barely resembling the sheer endurance of the Polynesian tattoo. However the designs are still very popular and requested for various reasons

The meanings behind the Polynesian tattoos are still true ring. They were a sign of courage and a rite of passage. They were also said to have increased their attractiveness. They were considered as protection, much like the amulets involved in the skin. Tattoos clearly explained the position of the person in the society and what was expected of them. Thus it is understood that leaving a tattoo incomplete was considered a sign of shame.

As Polynesian people spread around the world, original Polynesian tattoos have been transformed into other designs. For example, Hawaiian tattoos are Polynesian tattoos that have been developed to celebrate the beauty around the Hawaiian Islands. Many of these tattoos are elaborate flowers. In addition to Easter Island, there are certain tattoos in New Zealand or Samoa. As the parties on these islands became very close and with their own way of living, the methods of drawing their tattoos began to change as well.

Finally, tiki is one of the most common Polynesian tattoos in the Western world. All the tiki art refers to a mythical ancestor and the first human, known as tiki. The art started out as an idol and engraving, but in recent years it has also developed into the art of the body.

No matter what you choose in Polynesian tattoos, be sure to know what your tattoo means. If you see a gorgeous tattoo design in a book, take the time to research the source before you embark! Make sure you know what you mean - and who you really are - by your Polynesian tattoo.