Small Tattoo design makes a girl beautiful

Cute Small Tattoos For Girls 


Some more feminine hippie tattoos! Dandelions are super pretty!

Having none, I am a huge fan of tattoos as a way to visually beautify your body and as a method of communicating something important about yourself, your life, or your experiences.

I mean, I'm not going to belittle someone who has a tattoo just because it looks pretty and cool and doesn't necessarily mark something monumental. I will also be impressed and appreciated a tattoo that has emotionally charged meaning.

I guess I see tattoos as a permanent gem, the one that you never take off (because it's too beautiful or it was a gift from a loved one or both).

I am also someone with a very low pain threshold, but more importantly someone who does not have a good relationship with the word "permanent" so I have never had the guts to get a tattoo. This hasn't stopped me from collecting hundreds and hundreds of photos for visual inspiration and tattoo research, as my life depended on it.

I thought I should share this interest of mine with all of you!

We're going to start small, with little tattoos for those not ready for big breasts or shoulder pieces, full sleeves, and even leg pieces (but we're getting there).

Many of them are part of the fashion trends that affect even the tattoo world and are generally used as a permanent accessory.

The hardcore tattoo lover may consider them too clichΓ©, but I find them cool, even ironically timeless: anchor, birds, little quotes or words, crosses, dandelions, crosses, feathers, dream chancers - they express current popular consciousness and taste. .

I've made some themed tattoo collages that I hope you like (tell me in the comment section which one you like / dislike):

Love Tattoos for women

Small Tattoo design for girls and boys,  unique small tattoos.

Fly Tattoos Design

Small Tattoos Ideas

A small and meaningful tattooed quote is always a good idea, but be very careful what style / font you choose and the location - they can make or break that tattoo.
   I love all of these, the ones that say "I refuse to sink" and "with every beat" are really beautiful. Check the spelling - a single wrong / missing letter and it will be a certified doll forever or at least until laser removal treatment :)

Small Tattoo design makes a girl beautiful

Cute Dolphin Small Tattoos

So, do you have any tattoos? Please share?
 Does it mean anything to you? Do you even like tattoos?