Floral Tattoo Designs

Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower tattoos are a development of much of the past few decades, and it is a testimony to the acceptance of the fact that drawing a tattoo on behalf of a woman now (it wasn't always like that). Often a flower tattoo is a good first tattoo for a woman who wants something extremely subtle. They are more than a beautiful image on a beautiful girl, though the flowers are full of old-fashioned symbolism. 

Nowadays, the decision to ink a tattoo is seen as a form of art or a distinct expression. Accordingly, flower tattoos are becoming increasingly prevalent now. Basically, the design, color, size and position of the tattoo refers to personal meaning.

Although flowers are generally viewed as feminine, there are also men who are fans of flower tattoos because of this, one can say that this tattoo design means beyond one's gender and orientation.



There are numerous flowers you can choose to put ink on your skin. But are you familiar with the meaning of each design? Remember to carefully study the design you choose as the tattoos are permanent on your skin. Plus, you don't want to offend anyone with a tattoo design that means you are unknown. Here are 109 flower tattoo designs to familiarize you with popular flower tattoos:
Credit:  PlatinumTattooStudioBali

Sunflower tattoos

A field full of sunflowers with plenty of breath. It is no surprise then that sunflower tattoos will be similarly spectacular. Whether you have a bright yellow ink or just a plain black tattoo, you will definitely stand out wherever you go. Why do people choose sunflowers? This particular flower is usually associated with joy, new fresh and happiness. People who are following a new chapter in their lives generally love this tattoo design.

Do your homework.

"Make sure you do your homework on reputable shops and artists and be willing to pay a pretty penny for a beautiful tattoo. Overall, just have fun with it and do it yourself. Tattoos are a personal and beautiful thing!" Ar Marissa M., 18

"This is a permanent decision, so make sure you are prepared for that promise. If you've got something in another language, verify it with a native speaker (Google Translate is not perfect!). Do your research on tattoo artists and find one that specializes in your tattoo style. It can be expensive but if you want a permanent tattoo, it's worth it! "

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