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Tattoo Process

What to Expect When Getting a Tattoo

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If you are thinking about your first tattoo draw, but are unfamiliar with the process, this idea can meet you in the hopes. The fear of the unknown can sometimes prevent us from doing what we really want to do. You may be concerned that this will cause too much damage. You might be worried that you didn't know if the artist was doing anything wrong.

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The best thing you can do is educate yourself about the process of applying tattoos and that way you will be ready and know what to expect when you are sitting in the artist's chair. So, how does a tattoo apply to the skin? From beginning to end, this article will show you how human skin is transformed into a beautiful art.

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1. Papers and giving

Once you have decided on your tattoo design and your artist, you will need to show valid identity for proof of age. You may be asked for your address and phone number, so you can contact you in the future if you need an artist. In most studios, services must be paid before rendering. It is up to each studio to decide which payment method they take. Whatever method you do not pay, make sure they have given you a receipt.

steps of tattooing, how is a tattoo removed, irezumi tattoo

2. Honor sits on a chair

After completing your paperwork, you will sit in the tattoo chair. Sometimes it is an open workplace and sometimes depending on the location of your tattoos, a private room If you are shy and others do not want to see it, you can request a private room, but make sure you have done it already. Many studios use dentist-style chairs, some use regular table chairs and some use benches. Your artist will do his best to make your tattoo of your choice comfortable.

3. A clean shave

It's time to prepare. The area of ​​your body that you choose for your tattoos will usually be cleansed with clear alcohol. Then, shave with a new disposable razor that will remove any hair from the area that will be discarded after use. Even the best hair can go that way and create problems, so even if you can't see any hairstyles, this is an important step. After that, the area will be cleaned again to make sure the area is smooth and ready to move.

4. Create and apply stencil transfer

Most tattoo studios use a machine called heat-fax to create stencils. It saves time for literally a few hours by simply cinging on the machine with the design of your tattoo, and it transfers it to a special thermal paper in seconds.

After your stencil is ready, it's time to make the transition to your skin. Some artists will use soap or water to moisturize the skin and some will use stick deodorant. These help make the design transfer on your skin better and thicker. When the paper is removed from your skin, it will leave you with the purple-ish blue look of your future tattoo.

5. Manufacture of tattoo machines and other equipment

At this point your artist will start preparing their tattoo machine. The inks will be placed in small cups called ink caps, and the needles and taps will be removed from their sterile pouches and placed in the machine. During the tattooing process, clean, distilled water will be poured into one cup to clean the needles and change color from one color to the other. Some A&D ointment or vaseline will simply be placed on a clean surface for your use.

6. Line work started

There are a few reasons why a plaster will be placed on your transfer design. One is that it helps keep the transfer longer without having to accidentally rub it, and it helps the index slide more smoothly into the skin, which is definitely going to be more comfortable for you. After applying the ointment, it's time for the first line.

If you are nervous, do not breathe. Take a great, slow, deep breath and try to relax. The first minute or so would be the most Routh. After that, your skin will become accustomed to it and the pain will begin to subside.

7. Shadow and color

After all the line work is done, your artist can breathe a little easier knowing that he no longer has to worry about this transfer. Now is the time to get creative with a little shading and maybe color. Depending on the size of your tattoo, your artist may switch to individual needles called Magnum (or Mags), which are designed for color and shading. They can even switch tattoo machines perfectly. Shading and coloring can go pretty quickly and you've got a complete tattoo before you know it.

steps of tattooing, how is a tattoo removed, irezumi tattoo

8. Finished tattoo

Your artist may like the picture on your tattoo in their portfolio. They will clean it and sometimes apply a h*ot towel to it first. Then they'll take a picture and it's a good time to give you a shot too. Taking a photo of the protective plaster is a snap, so it's best to do it now. If for some reason you don't want an artist taking a photo, just say so. It is your responsibility to allow them

9. Dressing and bandaging

Now that your tattoo is finished and cleansed, it needs to be treated like a wound. A protective layer of ointment will be applied to the tattoo to prevent the invasion of airborne bacteria that can cause infections in the tanks. Then a bandage will be applied and taped to make sure it is secure. It is important that you continue this bandage with the amount of time your artist directs, which brings us to the last step: after care.

10. Receiving care instructions

Your artist will now give you instructions on care. These should be given both orally and in a piece of paper for you to take home with you. It is important that you listen and follow the instructions you are given. From this point on, it's your responsibility to make sure your tattoo is well taken care of. The artist cannot be blamed if you get an infection because you did not follow the instructions.

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