Tattoo Aftercare


Tattoo Aftercare

First wash your tattoo only once. Your tattoo is likely to be red and sore at this point

If you see some ink come out if you want or dry your tattoo, it's normal.

Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean, then apply a thin layer of an antiseptic cream recommended by your tattoo artist twice a day for the next 20 days.

If your tattoo feels itchy and flaky during the healing time, do not peel it off.

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, and avoid alcohol or any drugs for 7 days.

Keep it out of direct sunlight or your tattoo will fade.

Avoid sea water or chlorinated water (swimming pool) as the tattoo is an open wound so it could lead to bacterial infection.

No gym activity or exercise for the first two weeks. to avoid sweating

If you feel any irritation or infection on your tattoo, please contact us immediately.

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