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Modelling : Eligibility & Course Areas

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Today's modeling has become one of the most sought after career options for young people in India. This is one of the most exciting and lucrative professions, it attracts men and women alike, although there was a time when women dominated the field. With the expansion of consumerism and the media, there has been a fabulous boost in the advertising industry. 
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How To | Walk Like a Model

This, coupled with the rise of the fashion industry, has made modeling an attractive career option. It has generated a large and continuous demand for fresh faces and personalities to launch and promote a variety of branded products or display a garment in its best light.

various kinds of people. Plus, once established, it's a very high paying job. Even with all of these positives, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to be successful in this field. It is a very competitive and short-lived race. Also, the stressor is high and the hours are irregular. The job also requires a lot of stamina and patience.

It is a profession where educational qualifications become insignificant and physical attributes and personal qualities become important.


There is no specific qualification or age limit to enter this field. The first step in making an entry is preparing a portfolio. It consists of a series of photographs taken by a professional photographer. The portfolio can then be shown to an advertising agency, a model coordinating agency that provides suitable models based on requirements, or a fashion designer. Another way to enter this career is to apply to contests sponsored by magazines, fabric manufacturers, cosmetic companies, etc. and participating in beauty pageants.

There are no established standards of training in this area and models are generally expected to learn on the job. Training in this field has been started by former models who have set up training schools, however it is mainly limited to Delhi and Mumbai.

The training programs include instructions on beauty care, makeup, hairstyle, diet and exercise, how to walk and behave gracefully, etc. These training programs include guidance on how to make a contract and other technical aspects. Guidance on how to make a portfolio is also part of these training programs.

Personal attributes:

The main attributes required to become a model are a good, healthy complexion and shiny hair. Models must be tall, the fashion industry criteria for top models are 5'7 "to 6 'or 6' taller. For a man, the height should be 6 'or 6' taller and should be muscular. Being photogenic is the most important thing. quality to have a model. Aside from this good knowledge of acting, a camera-friendly attitude and a great deal of self-confidence will pay off success in this profession. They should also be open-minded. to criticism.

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Models are of various types. Modeling can be broadly classified into ramp modeling, television modeling, and print modeling.

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Modelling : Job Prospects & Career Options

Job prospects

There is no shortage of jobs in modeling these days. Job prospects are available for models:

 • In product advertising
 • Presentations in music videos
 • Do live fashion shows.
 • Exhibitions in garment showrooms or fairs
 • Opening a school for models
 • Creation of a model coordinating agency
 • Act in TV shows or movies.

Career Options

Modeling can be mainly classified into television modeling, print modeling / fixed modeling, ramp modeling / live modeling, showroom modeling, advertisement modeling, etc.

Television modeling: this involves modeling before the movie camera, to be used in commercials for television, film, video, the Internet, etc. Modeling for video or movies often includes some acting or dancing and is done primarily on location. Making a successful television model takes acting talent.

Print modeling: Models usually pose for still photos, to be used in newspaper ads, brochures, magazines, catalogs, calendars, etc. Models for print media should work closely with advertising agencies and photographers.

Showroom modeling: Based on the name, it takes place in showrooms. Models generally work for exporters, garment manufacturers, and large garment retailers to showcase the latest fashion trends to buyers.

Ramp or Runway Modeling / Live Modeling: Requires models to display clothing and accessories in front of a live audience. This can be at an exhibition or fashion show, or in a showroom or point of purchase. Ramp modeling therefore requires long hours of practice. Performing a live show in front of an audience can be very stressful. It requires tremendous confidence and poise. Ramp models should have good posture, walking style, and body language.

Advertising modeling: it is one in which both print and electronic media have the same importance. It is to promote or popularize a product. Advertising models appear in newspaper advertisements, posters, television commercials, and advertising films. Advertising modeling is open to models of all age groups. Basic acting skills and a photogenic face are a must.

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Modelling : Remuneration

The amount of money paid to the models depends on the prestige of the show and who the organizers are. Female models often earn more than male models for similar work. An established model who is consistently on the popularity charts earns  $11000 to $130000per fashion show. The low budget shows payment models between $500 and $1000. Print ads pay based on the number of photos used.

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