Top Best Tattoo Parlors In America 2023

Best Tattoo shops in America

While tattoos have always been popular, not long ago they weren't exactly conventional. Now, people from all walks of life are inking their bodies; either a personal tribute or simply exhibit a permanent work of art. So what better way to celebrate this than with a summary of the best tattoo parlors in the United States?
Best Tattoo shops in America
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With thousands of tattoo parlors in the United States, we have compiled the best of the best, with the store you must visit in each state. With a variety of styles, here is something for all tattoo lovers.
Just be careful, some of these pieces may tempt you to travel everywhere on your own.

Here is your dose of ink expiration .

      Best Tattoo shops in the USA

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Best tattoo parlors / Shop in America

Allegory Tattoo is the "best kept secret" of Alabama, from the husband and wife team Ulyss Blair and Eva Jean. It is mostly a store based on appointments, but if they have space, they make visits without an appointment.
Who knew that Alaska is home to one of the best tattoo parlours in the United States? In Ultra Violence, tattoo artists have a variety of styles ranging from working with black ink to detailed points.
Looking for colour or black and grey, traditional or new school, cartoons or photographic realism, cover-ups or reworkings? You will be well served in this high-quality studio. You will have a wonderfully unique tattoo, full of colour and creativity.

Black and Blue is a women's tattoo studio, including gender, that has inked people from all over since 1995. There are 10 artists and they accept visits without an appointment, so visit the portfolio. You will be craving one of these pieces.

Pens & Needles Custom Tattoo Company is an excellent studio with the best artists in the state, without a doubt. The owner Kristina ‘Kris’ Wright works hard to make this a collaborative space. It is cozy and always professional.
Three Roses Studio specializes in traditional Japanese Irezumi tattoos. The pieces here are beautiful, with mythical beasts, flowers and leaves displayed. Space is also an art gallery, which shows that body ink is art.

  • Poppycock Tattoo – Wilmington,Delaware

Among all Poppycock Tattoo artists, they have more than 45 years of experience in the tattoo industry. Then you know that you are in good hands here. There is a wide range of styles to choose from, with artists such as Eric Hendrickson's unique pieces.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America
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Tattoo shop in America

    This iconic tattoo studio is owned by Katherine "Tatu Baby" Flowers from Spike TV's Ink Master. Your job is in great demand with a waiting list, but if you can't get an appointment with her, don't worry. The other artists here are spectacular.

This personalized tattoo parlor and art gallery is an ideal place for clean line works, bo*ld colors and realistic shading styles. Co-founded by Miya Bailey, one of the stars of the documentary Color Outside the Lines, it will surely increase the tattoo game.

Oahu's oldest tattoo studio has remained strong since 1979, thanks to its dedicated artists and experts who are experts in colorful designs and personalized works of art. The team of artists here also specializes in realism and black and gray lines.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America 2021
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Integrity Body Arts is the best tattoo studio in Southeast Idaho, with friendly staff that will reassure even the virgins of the ink. Not sure which design to get? Artist Benjamin Bowlin has a chewing gum machine with more than 100 classic and pre-drawn designs! Let fate decide.

Tattoo Factory is the oldest continuously managed tattoo studio in Chicago and is one of the best tattoo parlors in the United States. From portraits to watercolors or wildlife, the artists here are fantastic. They also have the "Ink Drink N" on the next door. Your friends can have a drink while they see you tattooing on one screen and a sports game on the other.

Firefly Tattoo Collective is a studio for dating only, where the studio is owned by the artists who work there. It is clear to see here how Indy has such a beautiful tattoo representative. Choose from pieces by Gerrit Verplank, a graduate of Fine Arts from Herron School of Art and Design.
SKT was founded in 1996 and since then has presented many award-winning and nationally recognized artists, which makes it a pioneer space. The resident artist Jack makes freehand photorealistic styles in black and gray, while Westley is an expert in color and new school.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America 2021
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This Kansas favorite is a friendly studio with artists who specialize in all styles; color, black and gray, tribal, thin line, traditional, old school, new school, realism and portraits. The entire crew here are true experts.
You will be impressed by the level of talent in this local studio, with photorealism styles, among others. All the artists here have a unique style that really stands out, like Martin Hatton's piece below.

As you can see, the ability here is amazing.
This is by far the most popular tattoo shop in New Orleans since it opened more than 17 years ago. Personalized, black, elegant, traditional, they do it all. You will return here again and again for one of these bad boys. Regular guest artists make it even more exciting.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America 2021
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Come and get high quality tattoos in a cozy atmosphere, with unique designs that you will love for life. There is a solid team of four resident artists, each with their own style. From intricate fine line drawings and vintage illustrations to neo-traditional.
Have Fun Be Lucky is a fabulous shop with passionate artists who will really pay attention to the vision you have in mind. In addition, all artists have vegan pigment available upon request, as well as vegan templates.
This award-winning tattoo shop has all kinds of styles to choose from, each amazing. Regeneration artists are independent and have their own schedules, so be sure to make an appointment with the specific person you had in mind.

  • Big Top Tattoo  – Detroit, Michigan

Since Detroit is one of the most tattooed cities in the United States, it makes sense that the quality here is high. Big Top Tattoo always makes consultations without an appointment and also takes tattoos without an appointment when their schedules allow it, but keep in mind that you can print your ideas since there is no computer in the store.
Leviticus is a personalized and artist-owned tattoo studio located in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. Each piece is drawn by hand, with nine full-time artists and an eclectic calendar of guest artists. They keep Saturdays free for those who walk!
This old school tattoo parlor may seem modest from the outside, but it is home to an incredible skill. You will soon see why many people will only receive a tattoo from Squench, the owner.

Many people call this one of the best tattoo parlors in the United States, and we agree.

  • Trader Bob’s Tattoo Shop – St. Louis, Missouri
Top Best tattoo parlors in America 2021
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One of the most famous tattoo shops in Missouri, Trader Bob lives up to its status with a consistently amazing team of artists and professional care. It is one of the oldest stores in America since its opening in the 1930s.

They specialize in flash works, with pieces on the walls of artists throughout the decades.

  • Bound By Glory Tattoo – Missoula, Montana

Bound by Glory Tattoo specializes in American, Japanese and custom tattoos. One of the best tattoo parlors in the United States, it is clear that the team here takes pride in their work. The atmosphere in the store is warm and welcoming, which makes all the difference.
This is the first (and to this day, alone) tattoo studio totally customized in Omaha, so you will leave with a really special body art work. The team is very talented, with their own styles. Come here to get classic American and Japanese tattoos, or creative and colorful works.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is home to this legendary tattoo shop founded by Carey Hart in 2004 and has appeared in the hit A&E Inked television series.

The team of 12 artists here will create something exceptional for you. This is a realism job like you've never seen before.
Scorpion Tattooing specializes in custom tattoos, but also offers thousands of predesigned designs to choose from. Do you have something specific that you want? You can also bring your own design here. It is highly professional and the crew will ink you perfectly.

  •  White Lotus – Toms River, NewJersey

Many people come from everywhere to get tattoos here, and some reject ink from anywhere else. We can see why: White Lotus has a legendary team of artists and a pleasant atmosphere. Just get ready to join a waiting list, as it is in great demand.
Traditional American fantasy, fine black and gray lines, traditional Japanese, portrait and realistic works or cover-ups? This home tattoo parlor keeps things fresh with new consistent designs that exceed the limits.

This little street shop in the heart of Bushwick is home to some of the best artists in the states, specializing in traditional American pieces. Think: colorful tattoos of skulls, daggers or roses. It is owned by Benjamin Haft and Andy Pérez, who tattoo in the store by appointment.
They are an award-winning tattoo shop with multiple awards that create personalized designs with their 10 internal designers. The quality of work really comes from the incredibly talented artists they have in books.

They also specialize in covering old tattoos and aftercare, making it a one-stop shop.

They are a brilliant custom tattoo shop that houses seven different artists, each with their own style. While they are varied, all are incredible in their own right.

All artists will be happy to advise you and guide you towards a design that you will enjoy through a collaborative design process.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America
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They have proudly served in the Cleveland metropolitan area since 2006 and have eight full-time artists offering a wide range of personalized tattoos.

They will be happy to help you create your own design or customize one of their own. They have thousands of original designs on our walls that can also help you make a decision.

His motto when you enter the door is that "you enter as strangers and leave as friends." That tells you something about the care and passion you have for your trade, and making your tattoo a success.

They will be happy to create your own design or guide you through a personalized process. Either way, you will be in the hands of serious professionals.
They were founded in 2011 and have since been strengthened, with a stellar reputation and criticism from satisfied customers.

They have their own internal artists, but remember that they are very popular and can be booked months in advance. That tells you something about the quality offered here: it is worth waiting for.
True Hand has over 20 years of experience in this exclusive dating studio. With nine artists in his books, they encourage him to see his different styles and settle for something he really loves.

Excellent to guide you through the process to help you find a design that suits what you had in mind.
Rachel creates tattoos that would not look out of place in an art gallery. With a degree in Fine Arts, he uses humans as his canvas in his private studio within the One Way Gallery.

He specializes in super fine details, color, online work, black, black and gray work, cover-up and scarring, as well as mastectomy tattoos.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America
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Tattoo shop in America

They pride themselves on being the best tattoo shop in Charleston by having friendly staff, talented artists and a sterile environment. And they really are the best.

With three locations and a lot of artists in the books, you will have a lot of options in terms of design and style. A truly professional tattoo experience.

  • PermanentAd*dictions – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Permanent ad*dictions strives to make each tattoo a truly special work of art, with an expert team in all styles. Owner Nick is known for putting large pieces together quickly and his excellent Japanese designs.

And yes, although you are welcome without an appointment, an appointment will ensure that you have a specific time reserved to obtain the perfect piece.
This amazing salon specializes in all styles of tattoos with an award-winning artist for every need, be it a complex dot job for ethnic pin-ups or full-color flash pieces. The artists here are a very united team that push each other to total creativity, and it shows.

Without a doubt one of the best tattoo parlors in the United States.
Advent Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery are owned by Mike Woods along with Mike Ashworth, and both Mikes are true masters of tattoo. Their portfolios speak for themselves, with detailed pieces that take hours to complete.

Prepare to join a long waiting list, but the end result will be worth it.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America
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Tattoo shop in America

Lost Art Tattoo is a well known studio with a solid team of expert artists in a wide range of styles. There are also two additional locations in Midvale and Ogden, and the owner, Nate Drew, even started the Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention in 2004.

A look at the inked pieces here tells you everything you need to know.
Luminary Ink Tattoos is a team of only four artists, which among them have the perfect combination of style and experience. From tattoo designs with geometric themes to colorful watercolors or botanical pieces, each tattoo here is beautiful.
Red 5 is home to some of the most talented artists on the East Coast, so it is not surprising that this is one of the best tattoo parlors in the United States. Artists Carl and Chris Garcia founded the store in 2014 and now have a complete team that will create the perfect tattoo for you.

Top Best tattoo parlors in America
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Cicada Tattoo has all the skill without any of the often presumed 'tattoos' that you can find in a Seattle tattoo parlor. The studio has five artists on staff who have experience with a wide range of tattoo styles, with some unusual custom designs. 
The fun and colorful pieces here speak for themselves, with each tattoo artist super skilled in clean lines and color work. The team took great care to ensure that you finish with the tattoo you want, and be happy to spend time on custom designs and changes.

Surely one of the best tattoo parlors in the United States.
Voted as the best tattoo shop in Milwaukee four times in three years, Moving Shadow Ink is the ideal place for small tattoos and large-scale pieces. The team really goes out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and be excellent for colorwork and custom tattoos.
Urban Art Tattoo artist styles range from B*old Traditional to Graffiti of the new school. With 14 artists in this friendly room, you can choose the artist with whom you feel comfortable for an original and unique piece. From photorealistic portraits to cheerful cartoon images, traditional tattoo styles and modern styles such as bio-mech and water colors, and more, this friendly tattoo shop will work with you to find your perfect design. Each piece is custom designed by the talented team of four resident artists.
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Top Best tattoo parlors in America