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 Best Tattoo Shops in The World

Best Tattoo Shops in The World

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Tattoos have been around for centuries. Every culture, tradition and belief has seen them as a form of bodily modification that defines and distinguishes them. Whether the tattoos have been inked to indicate positivity or despair, they have made a huge mark on history itself. It is true that the stigma that has grown with tattoos and body modifications has been slowly disappearing and now it is much more comfortable to flaunt a tattoo than it was before.

In some cultures, tattoos have always been an essential part of their identity. There are variations and styles of tattoos that have served as "seals" or identification that unites the user with a certain tribe or belief.

Others have used tattoos as talismans to ward off injury and evil. There is centuries-old evidence that has been linked to incantations chanted over tattoo designs to protect the wearer.

There are cultures in the world that have carried the tattoo tradition to this day and consider it part of their being. The techniques used to engrave these tattoos have varied from country to country, from old nails; bamboo sticks sharp as knives as objects and even barracuda teeth.

Tattoos have been etched to represent stories on the sk*in, a blank canvas. Tattoo enthusiasts have recorded tattoo variations from all over the world. Tofi women tattoo swirl patterns on their faces to indicate their lineage. Cambodian monks engrave dark-colored scribble patterns on their bre*sts as a symbol of their faith.  

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In Los Angeles, you will see members of a particular association with similar designs to show their affiliation. The Maori tribe people in New Zealand have engraved patterns that are detailed and textured to represent various meanings. Even a single mark on their tattoos matters, and their techniques are unique to them. In fact, although a modern tattoo artist can create similar designs, it is considered imperative to at least learn the basic techniques and meanings of tattoos.

The tattoo has a long history in Japan, and specific groups use tattoos as a trademark to advertise their affiliations. There is also some traditional Japanese tattoo art that has even traveled to other countries like the US.

In western culture tattoos have maintained an image as a sign of rebellion. This image has remained intact, but the interpretations have changed. Now, the tattoo is a reminder of the resistance in the face of sad times; they are an indication of the new birth, love and joy.

Each design, location and inspiration has a deep meaning for the user. Tattoo designs have started cults, arising from the choice of an artist or celebrity to people who claim to be true fans.

This trend has not only clung to the limits of Hollywood, it has even taken over many other industries. For the most part, tattoos are chosen to remember strength and prevalence in the face of circumstances.

In addition to this, tattoos define the user's loyalty to the Catholic faith. The rosaries, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Holy Bible are etched onto the sk*in to present new beginnings and the wearer's faith. The entire world has practiced body modification and tattoos as an art form in one form or another.

In recent years, traditional Hina-inspired designs have entered the tattoo world. With the spread of technology, people around the world are testing cross-cultural designs, which are recorded as an appreciation for a particular language, an appreciation for another culture, or as a reminder of user visits to some remote part of the world. world.

tattoo places near me

Tattoo parlor Meaning

A tattoo parlor means nothing if the tattooists are not good. When looking for the right place to get a tattoo, be sure to do your homework.

You can't just show up at a venue and begin the process of getting a tattoo without knowing the skill level of the artists they employ. This is necessary because a tattoo is a lifelong addition that even when laser removed it leaves scars that will wear off.

Each person is unique; Even if you get a design that thousands of people have already painted on their bodies, your tattoo will still be unique.

This is because this tattoo is your story and the perception attributed to it. Also, choosing the right location is vital to avoid any financial mistakes, as some designs can cost more than a thousand dollars.

Of course, you will find places that offer tattoos at a fraction of the price that the renowned salon offers. But is it worth it? Inking is etched through cutaneous tissue on the sk*in, and the needle can introduce a variety of chronic diseases into the bloodstream. There is no way to be sure if the reduced price room even cleans its instruments.

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Tattooing is a delicate matter and you cannot risk your health for a few hundred dollars. It is best to have a substantial amount for this purpose before committing to a design.

Tattoos should be etched in a sterile environment with clean, disposable equipment. This is necessary to prevent any infection or disease from entering the wound.

It is best to arrange a consultation closer to your residence, as some designs are a one-year process. Make sure the place you go to has good reviews and is registered.

Since tattoos are a growing trend around the world, finding a suitable place to get tattooed in your country may not be a problem. Some celebrities choose to travel to other countries just to acquire the specialized or specialized services of the tattoo artists there.

Also, you will find that traditional methods are much more reliable than modern technology. However, hygiene cannot be compromised.

tattoo places near me

The best tattoo shops in the world

If you are looking for a specific type of tattoo art and are willing to fly to a certain destination to get it done or you are looking for a place near your residence to get a tattoo, here is our list of the best tattoo shops around the world. .

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1. Fortune tattoos

This tattoo parlor is located in the city of Portland, USA What makes this place one of the best is the fact that they have earned a name despite being located in a city where the rate of salons of tattoos is exceptionally high. The owner, Ms Mikki, opened a store here in 2010 on April 1. Fortune Tattoo is one of the most respected and leading tattoo parlors in the area. The owner herself has been featured in various magazines, namely; Northwest Tattoo, Sk*in and Ink and Tatowier Magazine.

Fortune Tattoo is the best place to get a tattoo if you are looking for a store in Portland. They also offer a few styles and designs that you can choose from.

Address: 1716 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214, United States
Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM
Updated by business 3 days ago
Phone: +1 503-234-7071

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Talk about an experienced artist who knows what he's doing. Tin Tatouages ​​is located in Paris, France. This store has been around for decades and has made a mark on the world of fashion. TinTin began tattooing here in 1999. Tin tayouages have received recognition in magazines such as Elle and Q. Her tattoo art has also been used to market giant brands such as Givenchy, Philippe Starck and Marc Jacobs.

Address: 37 Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris, France
Open ⋅ Closes 8PM
Phone: +33 1 40 23 07 90

3. Boston Tattoo

The Boston Tattoo Company is based in Boston U.S.A. It opened its doors in 2010 but has just moved forward since then. Their services are impeccable and attention to detail defines this room. They offered a variety of tattoo styles and were awarded Boston's Best Reader in 2011. Owner Jason Zube has made a huge impact on the tattoo industry over the years.

260 Elm Street, #102
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 625-8282

567 Fellsway
Medford, MA 02155
(781) 393-8282

36 Prospect St
Cambridge, MA 02139

4. Tattoo temple

The Tattoo Temple is a world-renowned tattoo parlor located in Hong Kong, China. Joey pang, the owner, has developed the tattoo technique like no other that closely resembles Chinese calligraphy. This technique is known as the brush stroke technique, and the waiting list for this tattoo parlor is approximately two years. The artist's work here speaks for itself, and people from all over the world get tattooed here. Tattoos done at the tattoo temple have been featured on CNN, CBS, and even travel channels.

5. Black and blue tattoos

If you are looking for specific styles of tattoo art, this is the place for you. Located in San Francisco, this tattoo parlor was opened by Idexa-Stern in 1996. Since it was born in Germany, Idexa has hired a staff of about six people who belong to different countries and can speak several languages. They specialize in geometric patterns, images, realism, and Black Work as well. They were named the Best Tattoo Artists for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 by the Guardians of the San Francisco Bay.

Address: 381 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States
Phone: +1 415-626-0770

6. Toronto Ink

This salon is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Mark Su tattoo artist has worked as a tattoo designer for the MTV series Break Out kings. He was the tattoo artist on the air during 2007 on MTV.

7. Caio Tattoo

This tattoo parlor is located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; They began operating manually using traditional tattoo methods more than 40 years ago. Caio recalls a time when tattoo art was only limited to the use of prostitutes, sailors and bandits. The Caios store is located in Arpoador between the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

Address: R. Francisco Otaviano, 67 - 33 - Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22080-040, Brazil

8. Saved tattoo

This store is located in Brooklyn, New York. This store first opened in 2005 and was the brainchild of Scott Campbell. Since 2005, this store has hired about eight of the best artists in the US, and their list of clients is recognized. His clients include celebrities such as Heath Ledger, Robert Downy, Orlando Bloom, Sting, etc. Their services are top-notch and have been praised quite frequently by well-known tattoo enthusiasts.

Address: 426 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
Phone: +1 718-486-0850

9. Kaze Gallery and Tattoo Studio

This place in itself is a work of art as it acts as a gallery of the brightest tattoo art you will ever see. This store is located in Denver and specializes in creating custom designs. Artist Sandi Calistro and William Thiemann are the experts offering exquisite works of art. They also act as hosts of art on a national and local level.

10. Angel Art tattoo studio

Located in Bangkok, Thailand is a place known for its well-sung artist. Mr. Tung, who is the owner of this shop, is an expert in his craft and does not prefer to work with templates or drafts. His designs are drawn freehand directly onto the sk*in and then punctured into one-of-a-kind tattoo art. He prides himself on creating original works of art that are unique to the user and cannot be replicated no matter what.

Address: AE-387, Canal Side Rd, A.E. Block sector 1, AE Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

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11. Shanghai Tattoo

Located in Shanghai, China, this shop has made a name for itself in the tattoo world. His pieces have gained features in major media outlets like CNN, Addidas Shanghai daily, Inked Magazine, and even They have moved their location to a larger space in Maoming Nan Lu.

12. Apocalypse tattoos

Located in Seattle, WA, USA, The Apocalypse has been featured as one of the best tattoo spots in some local and national magazines. They have also gained fame in countries such as Japan, Italy, Tattoo Society (U.S), Sk*in deep in U.K and Tattoo Arte in Mexico. His work has inspired some tattoo artists around the world, especially in the countries where his work has been published. Furthermore, they offer a variety of styles and even customize their tattoo art as required by the client.

Address: 3115 Piedmont Road Northeast a201-202, Atlanta, GA 30305, United States
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13. AKA

This store is located in Berlin, Germany. AKA aims to create a complete space that includes a cafeteria, an acting studio, and a home for stray cats. You can also find various types of tattoo art here or attend an art show.

A 2-min walk from the Goethe House
Address: Gro├če Gallusstra├če 1-7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 69 2989100

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