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Try some emotional photography to break the ice- Fashion Trends and style

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Basically, this is what you'll never want to deal with at a haute couture show: getting elbowed hard in the head (me) or standing up (my neighbor) while a wall of photographers goes berserk trying to photograph whoever is sitting opposite. , only to find that when said photographers walk away they have not been photographing anyone even remotely known.

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Maybe it's rude to mention it (it's an occupational hazard after all) and if the object of your desire had been BeyoncΓ©, Meryl Streep, or Cecile Richards (I know, it's totally unlikely at last count, but a man can always dream) , then it might have been excusable. 

It's not strictly Elie Saab's fault anyway, but it somewhat detracts from the perception of what the typical haute couture experience should be; you know: rarefied, elegant, discreet. It's a shame, really, because in all other respects, Saab absolutely offers the typical haute couture experience. 

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How to be a Professional Model

Theirs is a show with a guest list full of international clients, dressed to the nines (and I don't mean the number of zeros attached to the cost of the jewelry they wear, or maybe I do) and who are expressly present. to see what the Lebanese designer has to offer to further gild his lives. 

Perhaps most importantly, it is one of the haute couture shows that is strictly concerned with creating nightwear that, while looking good on the Sylphid figures of Roos Abels, Lineisy Montero, Kiki Willems, et al., 

You can also work on the myriad of silhouettes. of the women who order him. So think about the importance of fully integrated sleeves in the total design of any look. 

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There are cleverly and strategically placed beads designed to emphasize and de-emphasize different areas of the body. And the preponderance of caped backs and skirts cut to flow over skinny pants, both very much in evidence this season, can be deployed to flatter (and disguise, which is, I suppose, the same) figure. 

Given the amount of glitter here (as on other haute couture runways this week), it seems like the Oscar figure won't be the only thing shining at this year's Academy Awards. 

Oh, and one more thing. Attendees, take note: If you're looking for something to shield your eyes from the glaring LA sun while waiting to enter the ceremony, then Saab has a solution: jewel-encrusted shades, which match the beading of the dresses. Anyone who has been feeding that idea, sorry; Saab has beaten you.

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Occasionally, you'll find yourself fighting for that great female model position. Or maybe your model is shy and uncomfortable.

You can refer to her female pose references, standing posture and references for sitting.

You can try to break the ice with some simple sensation photography. Tell your model a passion and the first thing he or she should remember. Laughing, laughing, crying, etc.

You need to go from emotion to emotion fast and take at least one photo of each.

Your model may feel a bit weird at first, but if you do it enough, the two of you will laugh.

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