Small minimalist tattoos trends 2022

Minimalist tattoo - "At times, ink can be our strength

There are so many tattoo options, and the possibilities continue to expand if you decide to design your own ink. Now that 2021 is on the horizon, think of the new year as a time to get that tattoo you've always wanted, update an old design that was too small for you, or try a new artist. There are so many tattoo-related possibilities looming on the other side of January 1, so why not go for it? Whether you want to get that trendy tattoo you saw on Instagram or finally get that ink to match your significant other, here is all the inspiration you need to confidently enter the new year and towards your new tattoo!

Tattoo Inspiration

minimalist tattoo
Minimalist tattoo

Finger Tattoos

Why not try something new with your ink in the new year? Consider getting finger tattoos, which can range from geometric designs like these to more intricate little details. Also, you can always hide them with rings if necessary.

minimalist tattoo

Hand Tattoo

If you are interested in a popular hand design but want to personalize it, try adding a second of the same tattoo but in a different color. Red appears in contrast to black while still being visible on its own, and the ink gains a 3D effect.

Minimalist tattoo

minimalist tattoo

Minimalist tattoo

Floral Calf Tattoo

Do you want a floral design but are tired of the same old arrangement? Placing a band of flowers around the calf is a unique location, and this design uses shading and heavy black work to add detail.

minimalist tattoo

More Minimalist tattoo...

Dog Tattoo

Are you an animal lover? Go for a unique version of the mascot tattoo by getting a design of your mascot that will give you a high five, hold your hand, or something more special for the two of you!

Flower Tattoos

While this tattoo only uses black ink, the thickness of the lines varies to give a layered effect to the bouquet. The hand design also gives the tattoo an extra touch, so it is not just a typical floral design.

Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos are causing quite a stir in the inked community, so consider getting the popular design when the new year begins! A snake bracelet is a great way to add movement and depth to a rather stagnant design.

Bow And Arrow Tattoo

A bow and arrow design is a great way to pay tribute to your strength, your commitment to keep going, or another fun detail about yourself. This tattoo uses light shadows and white ink details to give the bow and arrow a more realistic look.

Girl In Floral Bottle Tattoo

If you like flowers but want to incorporate a more personal design, designs with linework bodies are very popular. Here the artist also added a phrase / quote under the ink to give it an even more personalized feel.

Tiny Elephant Tattoo

Small and minimal tattoos are just as eye-catching as huge designs! This little elephant tattoo is tucked away on the ankle, but its whimsical design makes it stand out against its minimal line.

Paper plane and globe tattoo

For world travelers, consider getting a tattoo that shows your wanderlust. A paper airplane and crisp dotted details give the otherwise simple balloon a whimsical feel.

Angel Tattoo

If you like flowers but don't want a typical rose, choose one of your favorites! This design is all iris, and the sketch-like drawing line and large size make it feel personal and joyful.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you prefer fewer dark lines and more colors, this cherry blossom design is the perfect combination of watercolor design and realism. The pastel colors make it feel delicate, while the shadows and fine contours make it feel true to life in terms of design.

Still Life Tattoo

Still life tattoos are another big trend in the community, and this is a great example of a simple yet interesting still life. The squiggles used for shading give the tattoo a hand-drawn feel, and the negative space gives it room to breathe without feeling too large or stretched out.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are a common tattoo at this point, but a great way to personalize your creature is by attaching it to a specific design style. Here, the butterfly has a very geometric feel thanks to the sharp lines and no filled sections.

Rainbow Circles Tattoo

Sometimes the simplest designs have the biggest impact. This design takes some simple circles and highlights them in rainbow colors. At the same time, the non-closed and overlapping lines give it a hand-drawn air.

Flame Tattoo

If you want something simple that has an impact, flames are always a good idea! This design organizes the flames into a bracelet, giving even more movement to the wavy fire.

Scorpion Tattoo

Whether you're a Scorpio or just a bug fanatic, scorpions are bold and impactful design ideas. This one relies on crisp line work to make it stand out, considering it's pretty simple otherwise.

Small Rainbow Tattoo

Rainbow tattoos are a great option for LGBTQ + people looking to express their identity or even just for people who love all colors. A little rainbow at the back of the neck feels delicate and can be easily hidden by hair.

Famous Tattoo Art

Getting a famous work of art is a great way to show your passion for art, but sometimes there can be a lot of missing details in tattoo translation. Instead, go for a minimalist version of lines that conveys the artwork without getting bogged down in the details.

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