Zodiac Tattoos design

Zodiac Tattoos design or Astrological tattoos or Horoscope tattoos

Are zodiac tattoos " astrological tattoos or horoscope tattoos" the right choice of tattoo image for you, or will it turn out to be a tattoo you regret? It all depends on your personal relationship with astrology.

Zodiac tattoos

Do you consult your horoscope on a regular basis, and have you gone so far as to have a personalized chart done? That indicates that astrology is part of your personal belief system, and that you take it seriously enough to consider zodiac tattoos.
The word zodiac comes from the Latin word zodiacs, meaning "circle of animals". The human race has always been fascinated by stars, it's no wonder that zodiac tattoos are so popular.

Credit: Barbara Crane

The ecliptic is divided in 12 constellations and zodiac signs (aka sun signs):

Aries (The Ram): March 21 - April 20 

Zodiac symbol:    Aries tattoo
Noted color: red

Element: fire
Birthstone: diamond
Body Part: head
Motto: I am
Flower: daisy
Positive qualities: rams are adventurous and brave. They understand things quickly, have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
Negative qualities: the ram is egoistic, they find themselves the most important. They loose their temper easily and can be rude and impulsive.


Taurus (The Bull): April 21 - May 21 

Zodiac symbol:    Taurus tattoo
Noted color: pink
Element: earth
Birthstone: emerald
Body Part: ears, neck, throat
Motto: I have
Flower: lilly
Positive qualities: bulls are very practical and have a big sense of responsibility (they are very reliably). They love art, good food and luxury.
Negative qualities: the bull can be possessive, stubborn and lazy. They are materialistic and greedy.


Gemini (The Twins): May 22 - June 21 

Zodiac symbol:    Gemini tattoo
Noted color: yellow
Element: air
Birthstone: pearl
Body Part: hands, arms
Motto: I think
Flower: Lavender, Lily of the Valley
Positive qualities: twins are very communicative and flexible. They are spontaneous, funny, intelligent and like to talk a lot.
Negative qualities: twins can be inconstant and superficial. They have a hard time controlling their nerves.


Cancer (The Crab): June 22 - July 22 

Zodiac symbol:    Cancer tattoo
Noted color: silver
Element: water
Birthstone: ruby
Body Part: stomach, bre*sts
Motto: I feel
Flower: water lilly
Positive qualities: crabs are very sensitive, sympathetic and have a big intuition. They are introvert, caring, adventurous and have a lot of fantasy.
Negative qualities: crabs can be over-sensitive, moody and they have a hard time letting things go.


Leo (The Lion): July 23 - August 22 

Zodiac symbol:    Lion tattoo
Noted color: gold
Element: fire
Birthstone: peridot
Body Part: back
Motto: I create
Flower: poppy
Positive qualities: lions are powerful, confident and creative. They are good leaders and organizers.
Negative qualities: the lion can be dominant and intolerant. They like to be the center of attention.


Virgo (The Virgin): August 23 - September 23 

Zodiac symbol:    Virgin tattoo
Noted color: green
Element: earth
Birthstone: sapphire
Body Part: intestines (difficult place to have a tattoo...)
Motto: I analyze
Flower: aloe
Positive qualities: virgins are analytical, modest and clever. They are hard workers and very tidy.
Negative qualities: the virgin can be very critical and choosy. They can have too much attention for details.


Libra (The Scales): September 24 - October 23 

Zodiac symbol:    Libra tattoo
Noted color: blue
Element: air
Birthstone: opal
Body Part: kidneys
Motto: I balance
Flower: cosmos
Positive qualities: the libra is very friendly and charming. He or she is idealistic, romantic and diplomatic. They have a great sense of justice.
Negative qualities: libras are very indecisive and changeable.


Scorpio (The Scorpion): October 24 - November 22 

Zodiac symbol:    Scorpion tattoo
Noted color: yellow
Element: water
Birthstone: topaz
Body Part: secret parts
Motto: I seek insight
Flower: yoni
Positive qualities: scorpions are very intense and passionate. They have very powerful emotions and the ability to look at the essence of things.
Negative qualities: the scorpion can be jealous, closed, stubborn and sometimes aggressive and cruel.


Sagittarius (The Archer): November 23 to December 22 

Zodiac symbol:    Archer tattoo
Noted color: blue
Element: fire
Birthstone: turquoise
Body Part: hips, thighs
Motto: I seek freedom
Flower: narcissus
Positive qualities: archers are optimistic and sincere. They have a talent for languages, study, philosophy and love nature, sport and games.
Negative qualities: the archer can be restless, extreme, tactless and loud.


Capricorn (The Sea-goat): December 23 - January 19 

Zodiac symbol:    Sea goat tattoo
Noted color: brown
Element: earth
Birthstone: garnet
Body Part: knees
Motto: I utilize
Flower: carnation
Positive qualities: sea-goats are reliable, determined and hard workers. They are rational, patient and have a lot of discipline.
Negative qualities: they can be strict, miserly and pessimistic. They are prone to depressions.


Aquarius (The Water-bearer): January 20 - February 19 

Zodiac symbol:    Aquarius tattoo
Noted color: blue
Element: air
Birthstone: amethyst
Body Part: ankles
Motto: I know
Flower: primrose
Positive qualities: the aquarius is very independent, original and inventive. He or she is loyal, rational and very intuitive.
Negative qualities: they can be eccentric, anarchistic and careless.


Pisces (The Fish): February 20 - March 20 

Zodiac symbol:    Fish tattoo
Noted color: silver
Element: water
Birthstone: aquamarine
Body Part: feet (more about foot tattoos ...)
Motto: I believe
Flower: violet
Positive qualities: fish are very friendly, sensitive, humble and flexible. They can be very emphatic and have a strong religious feeling.
Negative qualities: fish can be indecisive, vague and un-earthly.They don't have a lot of will-power and have a hard time organizing their life.


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