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Dragon tattoos

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What does a dragon tattoo symbolize?

It is interesting how in the East, dragons are considered lucky and generally positive animals, however, in the West, they are often considered destructive monsters.

Either way, dragons are packed with symbolism and date back to ancient times when they were created by the Chinese or Japanese (we won't get into this argument).

Dragons are truly fierce mythological creatures, yet they represent many positive aspects of life and bring good luck to anyone who wears one as a tattoo.

These are some of the main meanings related to dragon tattoos:

Good luck
triumph over evil

Traditionally, dragons, especially in Chinese culture, have always brought good luck.

The dragon in almost any style or design represents good fortune for the one who wears it as a tattoo.

Luck is necessary in everyone's life, so why not bring some with you?

Powerful indeed!

Dragons may not technically be real (I guess that's debatable), but they are known to have powerful abilities that replace those of animals.

A dragon tattoo means that you are a powerful person or that you want a little more power in your life.

Dragons are also strong.

Not only physically, but also with their minds, dragons are strong and capable beings who can help people in many ways with their powers.

Dragon tattoos provide the wearer with a positive force that can help them through dark times.

In fact, dragons are so powerful that they even have the ability to triumph over evil.

Dragons are typically ethical beings who want the best for humans.

A dragon tattoo can represent the wearer's desire to defeat evil and bring good into this world.

Dragon Tattoo Meanings in Various Cultures

Although dragon mythology originated in the East, many cultures around the world have embraced the concept of the dragon and found their own meaning for the creature's depiction.

Let's take a look at what dragons mean to different cultures, including ancient cultures, around the world:

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meanings
Dragons have been a popular subject throughout the history of Japanese tattooing since 1757, with the development of woodblock printing and the translation of the Chinese novel Suikoden, which depicted heroes with tattoos of dragons, tigers, and other similar images.

The colors used in these tattoos can be blue, yellow, pink and red.

When the dragon tattoo is done using black ink, the dragon's body is often outlined as if it were in motion.

Each Japanese dragon tattoo design makes the dragon look like a powerful, strong and menacing creature.

Regarding the meaning of Japanese dragon tattoos, the dragon for the Japanese is a mythological creature that symbolizes strength and wealth, and is seen as a guardian of people.

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Chinese Dragons

Traditional Chinese Dragon Tattoo

One of the most popular dragon designs is the Chinese/ Japanese dragon. It has been found in archeological forms of the Chinese dynasty in the 16th century BC like the Shang and Zhou Path. In ancient Chinese, it is said that the dragon is one of the four beasts of the world. It represents the new beginning.


Nine Sugar Dragon has and each one has different unique features.

  • Pu-Lao is one of the Chinese dragons that acts as guard and alert. P'-Lao is the dragon you see in the bells, gongs and singing bowls.
  • Pi-brings her luck, knowledge and fine learning.
  • Pa-hsia is one of the time responsible needs. This Chinese dragon directly provides it and those who support it.
  • Pi-ko works to defend one against false accusations, verbal disputes and lawsuits.
  • Chau-Feng is the guardian of the Holy Temple and the Holy Land.
  • Chih Wen is said to symbolize the power of water over fire.
  • Chia-New "Young" uses ancient dragon music to create energy.
  • Suan-ni is also a defender, like the Chinese dragon Po-Lao, but focuses more on protecting against betrayal, loss and theft.
  • Yai-tzu is another Chinese dragon that acts specifically as a guard against physical harm.

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                                                              Chinese Dragons                 

These are just some of the meanings of a Japanese dragon tattoo.

For example, it can also symbolize wisdom, nobility and power.

Among these many meanings, there is a common element of the great positivity that a dragon tattoo holds for the Japanese and their culture, unlike Western cultures, which may view dragons as an evil threat that must be eliminated.

For Yazuka, the dragon is a common Japanese tattoo symbol.
The Yazuka believe that dragons symbolize the duality of heaven and earth and that there is never a winner or loser in life because we all end up in the afterlife.

It is also important to note that the dragons in Yakuza tattoos are placed on the upper body because they believe that dragons are the rulers of heaven.

Japanese dragon tattoos have different meanings or personalities depending on the color of the design.

We'll talk a bit more about specific colors later, but for now, here are some key colors to keep in mind.

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