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World Tree Tattoo

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Small Tree Tattoos for girls

World Tree Tattoo designs on body parts

Tattoos come in a great multitude of designs and styles. The Yggdrasil is a particularly impressive piece of art that shows the image of a tree, well known in Norse mythology.

As the Encyclopedia Britannica explains it, "Yggdrasill, in Old Norse Mimameidr, in Norse mythology the world tree, a giant as* that supports the universe."

As you can see, this tree was no small matter to the Norse. The encyclopedia goes on to say that the legend of the great tree says that one of its roots went to the underworld, another went to the land of the giants, and yet another went to the land of the gods.

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Trees Tattoo design have been a consistently popular theme in almost all forms of artistic expression. In tattoo art, they appear in a surprising variety of designs and styles. 

World Tree Tattoo
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But what does a tree tattoo mean?

As you probably guessed, there is no simple answer to this question. Trees are an inextricable part of life on this planet and, naturally, they are very important in our mythologies, stories and spiritual beliefs. Below, you will find an overview of the importance of trees and the meaning of tree tattoos, as well as a large gallery of impressive-looking tree tattoo designs.

Best World Tree Tattoo designs on body
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Trees in Norse mythology

The Norse believed that an immense tree, known as the World Tree or Yggdrasill, grows in the center of the cosmos, supporting and connecting all the kingdoms of the universe. It was believed that Yggdrasill's roots extended to the underworld (Niflheim), the land of the giants (Jötunheim) and the home of the gods (Asgard). The tree fed animals, humans and gods alike, and connected all phases of existence and all living beings. According to most sources, Yggdrasill was an ash tree.

Best World Tree Tattoo designs on body
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Norse mythology is not unique in the belief in a tree that supports the structure of the universe. Among others, the folklore and mythologies of Eastern, Greek and Indian Europe imply the concept of the world tree. Interestingly, in the mythology of early India, the position of the world tree is reversed: the roots are in the sky and the branches grow down towards the earth. The Known as vörðr (which literally means "guardian" or "caretaker"), guardian trees also come from Norse mythology and culture. Vörðr were very old trees that grew on a farm or other piece of land inhabited by humans, believed to defend the land from bad luck. Guardian trees were treated with great respect and damaging them in any way was considered a very serious crime.

Best World Tree Tattoo designs on body
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Best World Tree Tattoo designs on body
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The Norse also believed that spirits lived under the roots of the guardian tree, and often performed rituals and offered offerings to appease the spirits and receive protection against disease or bad luck.

Trees in Persian and Slavic mythology

Both the Persians and the Slavs believed in a tree of life that provided the seeds for all the plants in the world. The Persian Empire focused on modern Iran, while the Slavs were a collection of Indo-European tribes and nations.

Best World Tree Tattoo designs on body
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The tree of life was guarded by an invisible dragon known as Simarghu (Persian) or Simorg (Slavs). Because no one knew which of the trees in the world was the tree of life, the Slavs performed special rituals before cutting any tree. The Persians erred on the side of caution and did not cut any trees at all, waiting for them to fall naturally.
World Tree Tattoo designs
oldest tree tattoo in the world

Below are several examples and a variety of interesting versions of the classic Yggdrasil design.

Trees have always been an important part of nature. Without it, nature would not be working as well as it is now. Through the years, trees have helped humans in many ways. They give you the oxygen you need, draw water from the ground to prevent flooding, give you shade when the sun comes out, and much more. Since the beginning of time, trees were already doing their job of maintaining balance in the ecosystem. You really can't blame environmentalists for loving trees and plants too much.

There are numerous advocacy activities designed to support environmentalists in their cause. There are no more trees in the forests due to industrialization. The woods are slowly being converted into subdivision lots and commercial areas. It is quite sad how other people can destroy these very beneficial trees. You can join environmentalists in raising awareness around the world by getting tree tattoos today. This is one of the easiest ways to help save the remaining trees in the forests.

For those who are not environmental advocates, you can still get tree tattoos today. Getting this type of tattoo is quite a trend these days. Both men and women get it for various reasons. For environmental defenders, this tattoo would remind them of their defense. For artists, this type of tattoo is a work of art. For some, they get this type of tattoo just for fashion purposes. No matter what your reason is for getting tree design tattoos, it would send almost similar meanings.

World Tree Tattoo designs  florasis makeup
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Meaning of tree tattoos

The meaning behind tree tattoos depends on two factors. The first factor would be the type of tree used for the design and the other factor would be the person having the tattoo. Since there are too many types of trees around the world, tree tattoos can have different meanings. Also, since tattoos are too personal and a mere form of self-expression, their owner is the only one who really knows their meaning. However, there is one thing common to all trees in the world. Trees generally symbolize life and protection.

The palm tree is one of the most popular types of trees used in tattoo designs. Palm trees are highly associated with beach life, summer, and relaxation. When you get this type of tattoo, people will see you as the adventurous type. For people to see your palm tree tattoo, you need to be an outgoing person who wants to find joy in spending time near the beach.

When you use the ash tree design for tattoo, it usually means protection and strength. Ash trees are very tall. It can grow up to 200 m tall and its trunk is incredibly wide. Whenever you are under the shade of this tree, you will feel enveloped by its oncoming branches and leaves. It seems that the tree is protecting you from all the unpleasant things in the world. Getting this type of tattoo would remind you of someone you want to protect.

Tree tattoo meanings also depend on what parts of the tree are in the design. When the roots are the only ones included in the design, the tattoo wants to represent growth and development. The roots mean the starting point of everything, of life. It also represents the bridge between your past and your present. It's a constant reminder so you never forget where you came from and what you've been through.

When the tattoo design only uses the leaves of a certain tree, it can also have different meanings. Generally, the leaves of the trees symbolize rebirth and regeneration. This is because trees grow a new set of leaves each year. It is also a reminder that there are still more opportunities for you in the future, so you should never give up hope.

World Tree Tattoo designs beauty planet
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Trees in religion and spirituality

Most modern religions have some form of beliefs and legends related to trees. An example is Buddhism, where the tree is a symbol of wisdom, likes stories about the life of Buddha. According to legend, Buddha achieved spiritual enlightenment while sitting under a kind of fig tree (specifically the bodhi tree).

In Christianity, the most important trees in the Bible are those of the Garden of Eden, counted in the book of Genesis. After breaking their oath to God and eating a fruit from the Tree of Life and the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam and Eve were denied the fruit of the Tree of Life, which would have made them immortal.

When European missionaries presented the Christian religion to Native Americans, a myth emerged about a talking tree that toured the world to spread the news about the new faith.

Trees in popular culture and storytelling

In popular culture, forests and jungles tend to evoke notions of mystery, worldliness and sometimes even danger. Wild, dark and wooded areas can appear as reserves of nature and peace and as home to strange and dangerous things.

The fantasy genre, in particular, makes frequent use of trees and forests. Think of the Ents in The Lord of the Rings (the talking trees) or the Forbidden Forest or the Weeping Willow in Harry Potter. In storytelling, the forest is often the scene where strange and mysterious things happen and the abode of creatures from another world such as elves, dryads or ghosts.

Best World Tree Tattoo designs on body
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Ideal location for tree tattoos

The location of your tattoos plays an important role in effectively conveying the meaning of the tattoo. For both men and women, the ideal location for this tattoo is on the arms or shoulders. These two places are ideal for people who want their tattoos to look bold and vibrant. Aside from this, these tattoo placements also allow you to show off your tattoo without revealing too much skin.

For men and other women who are not so conservative, one side of the chest could also be a perfect place for tree tattoos. This will make you more sexy and glamorous. Since your tattoo is located close to your heart, it can also remind you how much you love your tattoo.

Tree Tattoo Preparation Tips

There is not much to prepare for getting tree tattoos except the basics. The first thing you need to do is prepare your desired tattoo design. Once you have it, contemplate if you need more options or not. You need to choose your tattoo design carefully so that you can appreciate it even after time passes. As much as possible, choose a classic design that will not go out of style even after 20 years have passed.

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Average cost of service and standard prices for tree tattoos

Tree tattoo prices range from $50 to $350. The cost of the service will depend on several factors. The first factor that affects the cost of the tattoo is the size of the design. If you only want a small tattoo, you'll probably only spend the minimum amount listed. If you want to have a larger, more detailed tattoo, the artist can charge up to $350 per design. There are also other artists who charge hourly rates, so the cost of the service will depend on the number of hours needed to finish the tattoo. The more detailed your tattoo is, the higher the cost of the service will be.

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Maintenance tips after getting tree tattoos

If you think that tattoo procedures end after the tattoo artist completely copies the design on his skin, then you thought wrong. You still need to think about proper tattoo aftercare to consider it a successful procedure. Since you won't be with your tattoo artist 24/7, you should know some basic tips on how you can take care of your new tree tattoos.

The first thing you should do is wash your tattoo a few hours after the procedure. You must do this carefully because it could irritate your skin and cause your tattoo to heal more slowly. You should also apply an antibacterial cream to help in the recovery process.

Also, you should refrain from overexposing your tattoo to the heat of the sun. Your tattoo is still healing, so you don't want it to fade easily or completely turn into an unsightly scar.

trees world

This piece fits nicely on your upper back as it extends from the bottom of your neck down between your shoulder blades. It incorporates two simplistic diamond shapes towards its lower half and displays simple but effective black and white shading to fill in the foliage of the tree. It's a pretty stripped back tattoo in some ways, but it's clear from a close look that there was certainly a lot of really skillful handwork involved in its creation.

This tattoo is a slightly more complex version of the Yggdrasil design as it incorporates multiple symbols and a circular outline of letters. It shows a good amount of solid black and makes good use of negative space to draw the viewer's attention to the detailed lines, particularly in the top half. The symbols inspire interest and the shape of the piece as a whole is ideal for covering the back of the lower leg.
This piece grows from the mid-arm area to the shoulder and features multiple lush segments of color. Whether it's the greenery on the top of the tree, the brown and white throughout the trunk, or the various patterns on each respective level, this color has an attractive and comfortable feel and is a strong and creative piece of art.

family tree tattoo

This Yggdrasil occupies most of the middle and upper arm, but it does so by making effective use of space. It shows several interesting little pieces along the roots and branches of the tree, including an insect, an eye, and a skull of some kind, possibly that of some kind of animal. The combination of these various elements come together for a unique, almost creepy feel. Disturbing or not, though, this is some sick ink.

This is a seemingly minimalist take on the Yggdrasil design. This piece, however, turns out to be more complex when examined closely. The dot technique used around the branches of the tree, for example, shows that there may be more to this Yggdrasil than meets the eye. Not to mention the fact that this tattoo is undeniably well drawn.

tree tattoo  world tree

This version has been designed in a circular shape, since both the shape of the branches and leaves of the tree and its roots are adjusted to a rounded shape, which gives it a more compact and cohesive appearance. To contrast this design, three birds are placed just outside the circle of the dial which could be interpreted as standing out from the crowd in a symbolic and metaphorical sense.

Here is an interesting one. With a very similar design used for both the top and bottom of the piece, accented by multiple emblems throughout, this piece feels unified and full of variety. The bird perched on the treetop and spreading its wings is also an aesthetically pleasing touch, as is the shading in general.

tree of life tattoo

A rawer, simpler take on the classic design, this piece uses a more streamlined look without losing any of the original strength or attitude. While it may initially appear a bit jagged and rough around the edges, these aspects of this Yggdrasil are what really give it character. While many people may prefer a more clean and standard approach, there is certainly a demand for bold and rustic tattoos like this one.

This Yggdrasil is quite unique as it is divided by a large spiky shape in the middle of the branches of the right and left sections. This shape is made up of multiple different elements including what appears to be a Celtic knot, a substantial amount of dot technique around the inside edge of the shape, and also smaller shapes within the large shape.

tattoo cherry blossom

With two Yggdrasil, one on the inside of each arm, this tattoo combination is twice as impressive. While at first glance it may appear to be the same ink twice, it certainly is not. While they are quite similar and share many similarities including their central design, you can see on closer look that the line patterns in the central circle within the branches are quite different and the branches around them differ when one is full. of foliage and the other is without leaves (among other differences).

A rather creative take on the Yggdrasil, this tattoo shows versatility in the way the tree grows over the shoulder instead of standing on its back. Integrated into the branches is a collection of what appear to be bird and wolf faces, as well as what appears to be a dagger, all drawn in the Celtic style. This Yggdrasil approach is quite impressive and refreshing as it literally comes at you from a different direction.

traditional sleeve tattoos

Here is another Yggdrasil piece that is made inside a circle. This tattoo is divided into two parts. One is a darkened portion showing tree branches using negative space. In turn, the lower half, quite effectively, does the opposite effect with the roots of the tree. It's an exceptionally cool idea and certainly one that originated in a place of strong and thoughtful creativity.

This Yggdrasil is made up of minimalist lines showing the two barren treetops placed opposite each other and joined in the center of the artwork in a spiral pattern. This work is simple but well done and, despite the amount of ink intact on both sides of the spiral, it still fills this part of the subject's arm quite effectively. Even with its reduced focus, this piece stands out with its interesting shape and well-done line.

This Yggdrasil includes much more than just the minimum, as it incorporates a cracked surface at the bottom of the tattoo, possibly intended to symbolize the shattered earth, as well as an hourglass that supports the main element of the piece, the tree. Hourglasses commonly symbolize the passage of time. This particular combination of Yggdrasil and the hourglass probably has a more complex meaning than one would find with just one of these items. The range of possibilities is enormous.

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This is a particularly minimalistic Yggdrasil, simple and interesting, as it uses white space for both the trunk of the tree and much of the foliage, but still maintains a bold appearance. Also, the contrast between said white space and the dark underside of what appears to be some sort of earth and earth materials, which is quite dark and bold, is certainly an important feature of this tattoo. Negative space has the potential to play a key role in tattoo design, particularly when the artist is an expert in that area. This version of the Yggdrasil is an exceptional example of this.

This is a pretty complex and embellished Yggdrasil, though certainly not in a negative way. Extending over most of the subject's arm, this piece takes a non-traditional approach to this well-known design by showing only part of it, which is most of the top of the tree, with the rest being covered by a warrior . This figure is dressed in highly detailed armor of the fantasy variety.

Inked on the upper leg, this Yggdrasil stands out for its simplicity as a design that takes few risks but maintains the core elements of the piece, such as the tastefully and simply designed branches and roots of the tree and the birds that reside in a group. not far above the treetop. Sometimes more is better, but in this case, the artist did more with less.

tattoo army

This version of the Yggdrasil takes a more abstract approach, but it certainly still maintains balance as both ends of the tree, the branches and the roots, flow into their respective triangles giving them a kind of mirror image effect. Splashes, or perhaps clouds, of paint make the clearest difference between the two halves, as one is blue and the other is more of a reddish purple. However, this tattoo features an interesting and well done interpretation of the Yggdrasil.

This artist took the Yggdrasil from yet another angel, creating what somehow looks like an intentionally early sketch, but with a lot of strong line work. The piece is minimalist to say the least. This less-is-more approach is in no way a hindrance to this artwork, as the simplified style is beautifully done and applied to the subject's arm in such a way that it appears as if it is a natural extension.

Designs and meanings of tree tattoos

Due to their complex nature in our culture, trees have many meanings associated with them in tattoo art. In general, trees are associated with strength, stability and longevity. In particular, oak tattoos refer to the generic meaning of a strong character and a long.

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